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A reference to the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Used as filler when nobody responds to a question or statement.
Person 1: Has anybody seen my hat?
Person 2: ...
Person 1: Bueller?
by Nathaniel Jones June 07, 2005

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Another word for a man's "tra la la."
Gunther: Oh - you touch my tra la la! Mm - my ding ding dong!
by Nathaniel Jones November 13, 2005

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An old English expression, even perhaps dating back to anglo-saxon times. Used commonly in situations where an inconvience has occurred to one's self or others. Also an be used as a expletive when harm has fallen upon you. Bloody can be inserted into the phrase to further emphasise the inconvience/annoyance/pain.
"stone the crows, I've just run over the pope"

"stone the bloody crows, the pope's dead"
by Nathaniel Jones November 07, 2003

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When the nights activities have not been kind to the ladys (Tuppence). Resulting in an uninviting trip to(wear the beard)
"Went clubbing with the missus last night, when we got into bed she had one hell of a disco fanny."
by Nathaniel Jones December 03, 2003

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This phrase originates from the feeling of pure unadulterated joy associated with the ball hitting the back of the net in football (soccer in the USA).

Should be used when fortune has fallen upon one's path
After retrieving the lost Inca Golden Headed statue from the hidden Jungle temple, whilst escaping deadly spiders, poisonous arrows, and out running huge stone boulders, and it must be said keeping hold of your hat, you raise the statue high in the air and exclaim to the masses of indigenous tribes;

"Back of the Net"
by Nathaniel jones November 14, 2003

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When engaging in the courtship of a girl/boy, it is a requirement of youth, when you are not allowed to shag in your parents houses, to seek other locations to close the act. One popular destination is the car. Hence the expression.
" C'mon sweet cheeks, I'm feeling horny, lets go to the local beauty spot, get naked and lets rotate these tyres! "
by Nathaniel Jones November 07, 2003

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A individual who cannot escape the rigours of the day without dipping his tongue in that sweet black bean flavour.
"The way that guy's working this week, he'll be a coffeetramp by the end of it."
by Nathaniel Jones November 06, 2003

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