Someone who lives on an island in the North Sea governed by Scots.
Yesterday's British overlord is today's wretched Englishman, a slave to his own political apparatus.
by moxie2702 November 7, 2007
Scum of the earth who always believes football is coming home after beating a country with a population less than London
Person “Did you see that England beat San Marino
Englishman “yeah it’s coming home, it’s coming, footballs coming home
Person “oh dear”
by Baywatch March 31, 2021
One must either brew, or mix, his tea in the girl's vagina. This is the most primitive form of teabagging in its most literal form. Once the tea of choice has been properly made, enjoy the rewards and have a sip of the Dirty Englishman.
At tea time I gave me girl a dirty englishman, she mixed it up real well. Next time I'm going to need a Filthy Crumpet
by Grant Norris (GNJ) August 1, 2006
a tea enema given to a woman after anal sex by a man who wants to watch her cleaned out.
After fucking her real hard, he gave her the dirty englishman to clean her out.
by mattykay August 20, 2009
A collection of jokes known mostly by residents of the United Kingdom which involve a man from England, Scotland and Ireland. The jokes are commonly long and end up with the Irishman being made a fool of or making the pun of the joke.

The jokes rarely involve Wales. Lucky Buggers.
An Englishman, Irishman and a Scotsman are all invited to a Christmas party. In order to get into the party, they must bring something relevant with Christmas. On the day, the Scotsman turns up with a Christmas tree, so he is allowed in. The Englishman turns up and brings a cracker, so he allowed in aswell. Eventually the Irishman turns up also, holding a pair of ladies underwear. The guard at the door asks him, "What have they got to do with Christmas?"

The Irishman replies, "They're Carols".
by Mcmacmucsons January 2, 2008
When five Englishmen play cum on a bisquet, but the loser has to give the bisquet to his girlfreind.
Dude Brock lost the EnglishMan Stick-up and had to feed it to Alex.
by Mobsterking52 January 15, 2011