Coots is when a larger size person's calf connects to there foot bypassing any defiance of an ankle. The ankle is basically non existent. Mostly larger size people suffer from this condition and various types of human bodies as well. Coots are also mistaken with the word "cankles". Coots seems more appropriate.
Example: wow look at that chicks coots! They are massive!
by Bennie and the Pearls December 24, 2015
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something that is so ugly it’s cute
omg that picture is so coot
by shawty raenae dd February 22, 2018
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Like cute but even cuter. Super Coot
Silvana was so coot and beautiful when you looked up coot on Urban Dictionary her name was included in the example.
by Babu82 June 09, 2019
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cool/cute. when someone tells you something in hopes to put you down and yet you dont give a fuck.
ratchet ex boy/girlfriend "i can get someone way better"
me "thats coot"
by bawsasshoe March 20, 2014
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