to engage in sexual activities with someone
guy 1: ey man check that girl out.. would you hit it ?
guy 2: been there, done that.. i hit it last weekend at her sister's party.
by TFS February 20, 2005
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to have sex or “tap that
“dude your sister’s fine as hell, can i hit it?”
yeah but i already did, it’s not that good”
by lil assole April 30, 2019
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tearin it up
rip n dip
bump n grind
white on rice
to fuck
al gore: yo dawg this party be off da sheezy
bush: str8^ y0
al gore: yo dat fe male ouver thurr wit da thong is "tighttttttttttttttttttt"
bush: yo dawg dats my daugter
al gore: oh dawg?! i'd hit it
bush:make no mistake, i'd hit it
by hit it good September 1, 2005
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It's seven o'clock...let's hit it.
by chris November 25, 2003
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"She came home with me from the bar and I hit it all night long"
by ATOT Crew May 8, 2003
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nigga dem crackas rode round da block,maaayn, we had to hit it
by fonzienigga August 30, 2009
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