hair extensions that are glued onto your scalp, so called because the base crisscrosses like train tracks
"peirlietta, girl, you tracks be on all crooked"
by lauren September 1, 2003
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n. - needle marks caused by IV drug use
n. - a portion of drugs, usually a $10-20 vial of crack cocaine or heroin. Likely derived from the practice of splitting an ounce (brick) of cocaine into 8 portions (eighth or 8 ball), much like an album has around 8 or so songs, or tracks.
n. Street or streets where prostitutes stroll, looking for customers
"Tracks on my arms give me up as a junkie"
"Niggas who run fo' me, they don't even stash tracks, they keep 'em on 'em, right there in they ass crack" - 50 cent 'Back Down'
I'm an international player, I run tracks from coast to coast and on four continents.
by LazyBlaze May 9, 2003
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Multiple songs on a CD, album, ipod, or MP3 player, etc. Each singular song is a "track" and more than one cut are "tracks."
"Man, did you hear the tracks DJ John David laid down in that killer Mix, 'Homeward Bound'?"
by PMUnderground January 20, 2006
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he was taken in for questioning when they saw the tracks on his arms
by The Return of Light Joker December 20, 2008
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A brand of shoe that used to be sold at old K-mart fall apart back in the day,the 70's and 80's. If one had these shoes your buddies would make fun of you because they were not cool like name brand shoes,Nike, Addias or what ever.These shoes were the type your parents bought you if they were cheap or on the welfare.
They had some cool styles,running type with green suede and yellow stripes.
K-Mart no longer sells these type of shoes,what a shame.

These shoes had their own school yard song.
Tracks make your feet feel fine! Tracks only a nickel and a dime!
Hey man check out my new shoes!

Haw-Haw!Tracks make your feet feel fine! Tracks only a nickel and a dime! Har-Har!!

Waaaaa?? Oh shut up you retard!

Nice Tracks K-Mart fall apart.
by Stewart Larkin June 12, 2007
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Braces (like orthodonty, in one's mouth)
Hey, kid, cute tracks.
by efcorson September 24, 2009
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the word tracks (alt. trax) can be used synonymously with the word "plan(s)," but "tracks" sounds more sick-nasty, bro.

you can also use "tracks," as confirmation of plans:

"I'll see you at 7?"
"Okay, tracks."
what are the tracks for tomorrow?
party at 7.

are you gonna go to the concert tonight?
yeah, bro, you can track on it.

i got tracks to major in economics but i still have time to change my major.
by Crusty Kringle January 27, 2021
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