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1. A dark-gray water dwelling bird resembling a duck.
2. A foolish old man.
3. Seeing how the USC football sucks so consistently, it seems rather offending to good poultry everywhere to call them Gamecocks, so a "coot" is a much more realistic symbol for such an inept football program.
1) Any coots arrested today?

2) He meant jorts, as in jean shorts; you know, the staple of every Coot's wardrobe. -CUhoopster48ยฎ
by Pitchfork Ben April 19, 2007
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Something so cute it is beyond cute and goes to a whole other level of cuteness
Kieran: Celene, you are sooo coot!
Celene: Shup!
by kierz2 November 12, 2009
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A slang term referring to a middle-aged or old person. Could be insulting depending on intent.
"That old coot."
by Dark Knight March 29, 2004
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(slang)- of great shock value.
Prounounced C(ewe)T, the longer the "ewe" the more shock value. COOOOOOOOOT vs COOT
originating in: Calvert County, MD and spreading like wildfire. Also spelled Koot.
Me to a friend: "I stood in line at the DMV for 6 hours today."

Friend to me:"COOT, that's a long time."

Use of the long "ewe"

Me to friend: "That girl has had 10 STD's in the last year."

Friend: "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, That's disgusting."
by EEFIE January 21, 2009
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To masterbate or to get pleasured, or to cum
I coot at least five times a day.
I cooted all over the place.
I cooted her in the car as she drove.
by Reilly Clarence Parkes September 04, 2016
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