A rubber glove that fits snug around a guy's penis that prevents std's & babies from being made.
Chad : Seeing you in your bra and panties makes my dick hard can I stick it in your soft pussy ?
Kiersten : I hope you have a Condom last week you gave me herpes and now everytime I pee my vagina burns!
Chad : Sorry about that I didn't know Brigit, Madison & Mackenzie were sluts!
Kiersten : And there step brother!
by SlopNChop November 21, 2016
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"Dad, what's a condom?"
"Honey, it's a rain jacket for your penis."
"Dad?!?! WHA T THE HELL??!!!!"
by SKKW1313 June 08, 2015
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A 75 cent insurence Policy for teens who wanna bone
"that baby ain't mine, I used a CONDOM"
by Joel Summerhays November 20, 2003
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Using a condom and being protected, will avoid you from being on shows like, The Maury and Jerry Springer show.
"ah hell nah, I ain't this babies daddy Maury, ah hell nah, she sleep wit dem otha guyz, I wear a condom on that ho"

"This ain't ma child, look at dat ugly childs face, she a ho Maury"
by Josh ye ye February 23, 2008
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