49 definitions by John R.

a place where the selected object can grow, mature, come to fruition, finalize
1)she's got a bun in the oven (= she's pregnant)
2)they've got a bun in the oven (= they're an item and she's pregnant)
3)i've got a new application in the oven (=i'm working on some new software)
4)i've got a new project in the oven (=i'm working on a new project at the office, that is, in my day job)
by John R. December 31, 2004
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misproninciation of "cunt"
She been scratchin' her count.
by John R. December 9, 2003
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A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, meaning a cum-shot in the bird is better than 2 cum-shots over the tits or on the belly (beaver)
by John R. December 10, 2003
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twat, cunt, labia, vagina, you get the idea....a women's genitalia
I was a virgin until Bob mounted my bird.
by John R. December 10, 2003
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She told me that she had passed thru menopause, a whole year without a period, that I needn't use a condom. I mounted her slowly, getting further in by an inch with each thrust. "oh, this is my first bareback sex in 15 years, she said langorously. Fuck me, John, come for me.
by John R. December 9, 2003
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female ejaculatory fluid;unlike cow's milk, it is semi-transparent.Arrives in 4 flavours, like lemon juice, or sugar, or vinegar, or toffee.Usually multiple squirts, can total 1/4 cup (far more than semen).All flavours taste good. This is not urine;it comes from glands in the urinary tract just upstream of the clitoris. A wondrous event for any man to experience.
I was licking her clitoris when suddenly without warning she deposited coconut milk all over my beard.
by John R. December 5, 2003
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a reference to oversized clothing (usually on fat people)
her underwear must have been made by Omar the tentmaker.

she got that dress from Omar the tentmaker
by John R. December 9, 2003
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