49 definitions by John R.

a reference to oversized clothing (usually on fat people)
her underwear must have been made by Omar the tentmaker.

she got that dress from Omar the tentmaker
by John R. December 9, 2003
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(1) when a male animal moves on and into the female for mating.
(2) when the female animal moves onto the male penis for mating.
We drank, kissed, talked for 20 minutes. I kissed her again, then nuzzled her neck, brushing against her breasts. She complained ofbeing warm andpulled off her sweater. I undressed and asked her if she would join me in bed. She quickly stripped, lay down beside me, and pressed her tits and belly against me. Then she rolled onto her back, raised her knees off the bed, and I was finally able to mount her, ramming my cock deep into her vagina on the 4th thrust.
by John R. December 9, 2003
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(1) Japanese motorcycle
(2) person born in an oriental country
(1) "His Honda is a rice burner" said the Harley rider.

(2) that slanty-eyed little rice burner is the best Honda tuner in town.
by John R. December 9, 2003
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late-60s synonym for noun 'cum', 'jizz', or 'ejaculate'
He came back into the dance from his car with chez stains on his pants.

She came home from the dance with chez on her satin dress.
by John R. December 31, 2004
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As I was about to slip it into her, my girlfriend pulled the string on her vampire's teabag.
by John R. December 5, 2003
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an elastic ring which fits around the base of the penis. It constricts the veins which drain blood from the penis, thereby strengthening an erection. Bought cheaply in automotive parts stores as "O-rings", they are black in colour. Also available in sex shops which sell vibrators, condoms, etc.Also increases the sensation during ejaculation as it constricts the urethra.
I had been having trouble maintaining an erection with her, as I was very nervous. We had some wine, which helped, but then she cut the end out of a condom and rolled it backwards onto me, forming a cock ring at the base of my dick. After that, I had no problems.
by John R. December 9, 2003
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a 'heavy' woman who does not have bulges or love handles, she merely has an evenly-distributed layer of fat all over her body (and her breasts are not necessarily large).There are no protruding bones to hurt you (hip or knee or rib)
She is a great seal fuck, she's a comfortable ride.
by John R. January 3, 2004
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