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an injectable drug that enhances erections when you experience erectile dysfunction.None of the side-effects of viagra, and it works in 10 minutes.Also makes your dick thicker in the process.
I was having trouble keeping it up so the urologist prescribed A/P/P/ which I inject into the side of the base. Whether she plays with it or not, it comes 'up' if I think about wanting it to.(No, the injection DOES NOT hurt, but it makes the head a wee bit tender for aggressive oral sex)
by John R. December 9, 2003
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This snapdragon was so desparate to sell me some bogus stock that he offered to smoke my white owl.
by John R. November 1, 2003
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a 'heavy' woman who does not have bulges or love handles, she merely has an evenly-distributed layer of fat all over her body (and her breasts are not necessarily large).There are no protruding bones to hurt you (hip or knee or rib)
She is a great seal fuck, she's a comfortable ride.
by John R. January 3, 2004
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i urgently wanted to mount her, so I slipped her manhole cover to the side and pierced her lips rather than waste time peeling off her underpants
by John R. December 9, 2003
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a condom which is already treated with lubricant inside the package
her pussy was a mite dry last night so I rolled on a lube before I mounted her
by John R. December 9, 2003
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Just as she finished rolling the condom onto my dick I blew my load.
by John R. December 10, 2003
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