In a Irish Pub, a small private room at the end of the bar, for a lady to drink a pint privately, and not be seen by the male patrons. Mainly late 1800s-early 1900s.
When a woman went into a Pub for a nip or a pint, she would be seated in a snug for her privacy. A man having a pint with his wife would also be seated in a snug.
by talk2me-JCH2 May 13, 2022
fitting perfectly whilst flattering the figure, how clothes should be worn by attractive ladies
those trousers look snug
by ben dover July 11, 2003
A snuggle hug, showing affection often in a friendship way.
by Raven October 28, 2003
To hold someone and 'snuggle' them.
by Laura July 29, 2003
an intricately small, but very dank nug of cannabis.
Hey dude have any weed?
Not much man, just a snug.
by rodn333y April 1, 2009
A style of dress seen on college campuses everywhere.
Spandex pants, North Face jacket, UGG boots, Girl.
"Wow...look at that snug that we just drove past!"
by Mummraa December 2, 2011
something that is cool. see tight
The Sabres game was snug. or If I won the lottery, that would be snug.
by Doug 4000 April 11, 2006