Well, the condom broke so now I'm a father. Shit.
by BBPow August 15, 2010
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Your mom and dad didn't use condoms at some point
by Your mom's perfume May 19, 2021
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"Dad, what's a condom?"
"Honey, it's a rain jacket for your penis."
"Dad?!?! WHA T THE HELL??!!!!"
by SKKW1313 June 8, 2015
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Haven't you heard?

If you're gonna make LOVE,



So you Better WEAR a LATEX,

Cause you don't want that LATE TEXT,


Ha Ha, So wrap it up!!!

My flo so cold Chicken soup won't Help!!!
Jeremy- "I don't want to use a condom. I just don't feel anything."

Girl 1- "It's ok. I'm on the pill, baby."

Girl 2- {Two hours later} "Tough luck buddy. I got too much going on in my life to fuck it all up now."
by Q. Jakers August 12, 2009
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A rubber glove that fits snug around a guy's penis that prevents std's & babies from being made.
Chad : Seeing you in your bra and panties makes my dick hard can I stick it in your soft pussy ?
Kiersten : I hope you have a Condom last week you gave me herpes and now everytime I pee my vagina burns!
Chad : Sorry about that I didn't know Brigit, Madison & Mackenzie were sluts!
Kiersten : And there step brother!
by SlopNChop November 22, 2016
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A latex or sheepskin sheath to put over the penis before intercourse. Also a lube'd polypropylene sheath that the woman can installed in her vagina;the guy won't even notice its there if he doesn't finger her first. He can just slip right up in there and there's no condom sensation at all. They even sell female underwear with it fastened in.
Condoms are hated by some men because it lowers their sensations somewhat, there is an interruption to put it on, and wearing one means that some of the responsibility of contraception falls on the male.

Never bareback someone that you don't want to have to negotiate with for the next 21 years.In other words, No glove, no love... unless one is interested in paying child support for the next 18-26 years
by John R. December 9, 2003
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