the place where you enter inexorbitant amounts of debt to "learn" things you will never apply once to your actual occupation. Basically, an expensive 4-year waiting period for a paper called "degree".
I will owe Wells Fargo my first born so I can pay off my college.
by Drenam February 02, 2003
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An alternative to buying a Ferrari (they cost about the same).
Damn, that Ferrari costs almost as much as college.
by Duesey December 01, 2003
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where dreamers can go to secure a plan B for their future employment prospects
Jenny always wanted to be a singer-songwriter, but her parents persuaded her to choose English as a college major, for a fallback plan. She later married a 1950s-style brute who orders her to edit all of his work-related documents and to have dinner on the table by five every night. Life can be so tragic sometimes.
by D.S. Credito March 05, 2015
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I'll be retirin' soon, and the kids is gettin' too old for no one to notice if I kill 'em...
by retarded student November 25, 2003
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A highly overated pyramid scheme in which, in exchange for four+ years of your life, you get financially raped by the school bookstore, tuition office, and the american educational system. And as a bonus you get a piece of paper called a 'Duh-Gree' which you pin to your shirt so potential employers will know why you are so stupid.
EMPLOYER: So why do want to work here?
EX-STUDENT: Because I went to college, and therefore I am entitled to a high paying job.
EMPLOYER: Of course. I think you will do well with us. Here is a corner cubicle where you'll spend the rest of your life complaining about why you never get a raise and dot.com dropouts are making more than you.
EX-STUDENT: Sounds great! The job world isn't so hard after all.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 01, 2005
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