High school that costs 40k and has ash trays and a better library and features even more useless knowledge
Dude: this is just like high school with hotter chicks.
Dude2: YA
by greywolf February 23, 2004
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An overwhelming excuse to go out, get drunk, get laid, and soak up financial aid while everyone thinks that one day you may be a great leader of the world
Hey, what are you doin' tonight?
-Oh, not much just goin' to college.
by James the #2 August 27, 2008
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A place where you look for a sense of belonging while eating yourself into a food coma.
I ate myself into a food coma in college.
by urbanflurbin February 24, 2015
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Aplace were people go for one or two of the two possible reasons.
reason 1: To smoke lots of pot, waste your parents money and get kicked out.
reason 2: To get a piece of paper stating that your brain is full of shit information that you probrably already learned from the "magic schoolbus" and that you are allowed to work somewere other than a fast food restaurant.
Son: Mom, Dad, I got accepted for college.
Mom: That's great son.
Dad: How much will it cost?
Kid: Around 10k.
Mom and Dad have heart attacks and die later in the hospital. Kid goes to college, but than drops out cause he's stupid.

by Nik The Prick May 17, 2003
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The place where you build your beer bong community. Also defined as a place where male humans find fresh female humans to ride on.
"Better wash your balls and brace for unexpected blowjobs because we're going to college!"
by Ertceps March 12, 2014
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I pay 5 times as much in college tuition as the in-state guys for the same fucking classes, even though I have lived in the state for two years now. And to think that all the money is going to some corporate executive's pay bonus pisses me off royally.
by out-of-state student November 06, 2003
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