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4 years of digging yourself into a hole of debt that you may be able to escape in 20-30 years. Classes are about the only interesting thing in college. The people are usually stupid, spoiled rich kids who thing getting drunk on a Wednesday night, MTV, rap, drugs, alcohol, fraternities, sororities, and lame ass parties are the neatest things on the planet. Earning a degree is considered a gateway to a higher-paying income bracket. But in this economy, who knows?
-I can't earn my degree from college any sooner.

-Most college students seem to be considered useless by the rest of the general population.

-Why do people seek to prolong adolescence in college anyway?
by Sergio Valente January 12, 2005

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The first, lone, psychotic cop on the edge. Known for his large collars, gigantic tie knots, sportcoats with elbow pads, and his big-ass .44 cannon. Freud suspects that the .44 cannon is compensation. The only man alive who can fire 30 shots out of a six shot revolver without reloading. Also known for his amazing ability to take on large groups of armed men (sometimes with automatic weapons) without dying. Can also kill six people before breakfast, smoke a cigarette afterwards, and be fit for duty again.
Dirty Harry just shot somebody again!
by Sergio Valente June 26, 2003

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