could be used as in "definetly" or "of course"
Jim: Do you have to put your marshmallow in the fire?

Clark: Dude, it's a no brainer, as a rule of thumb campers should put their marshmallow in the fire.
by Nosseir April 16, 2007
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Dude 1: Will you take the money?

Dude 2: Yes I will! It's a no brainer.
by nick_g August 12, 2011
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A dumb question or response. Something one shouldn't even have to think about it.
Dude1: Hey, man, where's the basement?
Dude2: Try downstairs, bright spark!

Girl: Whales are... big.
by MischiefMaker December 29, 2004
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A person of either the male or female persuasion who absolutely refuses to participate in oral sex.
'Man, I had to leave that girl alone. The p***y was good, but I found out she's a no brainer-she wouldn't give me any head!"
by dabbs September 1, 2008
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The act of using your brain to make a decision.
It was a brainer to watch SourceFed.
by Not Joe Bereta April 24, 2013
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An easy decision made using the brain. As opposed to a 'no brainer', an incorrect term seeing as how all decisions are made using the brain, as pointed out by SourceFed's brilliant Joe Bereta.
"I could save that man's life with a simple marrow donation, it was a brainer."
by anIrishViking April 24, 2013
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When you think about a decision and make the right choice. Like a no-brainer but better.
by Sourcefed fan15 April 24, 2013
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