Being awesome and lovable. Everyone strives to be a Pell. Other forms: Pellin, Pellish, Pellicious, Pelly, etc...
Last night I was so Pellicious!
by Cara June 22, 2004
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Inferred as a target for practicing.
Pell practice starts in 10 minutes. There are six pells on the field.
by monkeyknuckledragger August 22, 2010
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The most offensive, vulgar and obscene term known in the English language in Australia. Used to describe an individual or behaviour that is morally repugnant, hypocritical, deceitful and unlawful.

When used as an insult, the term is even more derogatory than calling someone a cunt.
You’re such a Pell”, “that was a real Pell-move”, “you’re going to straight hell you Pell”
by Marymagdalene666 February 27, 2019
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Though the original definition of this ancient word has been somewhat lost over the years, linguists agree that the most likely definition has derived from the word phallus.
Your nowt but a f*cking Pell-end.
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pelle pelle clothing by marc buchanan. keeps tha niggaz lookin good up in nyc.
"these women try to get me out my pelle pelle
they strip off my clothes and tell me
get in my belly!"
by jessicunt March 22, 2005
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Pelle is a very good looking man. He will always carry a lot of empathy and take care of his surroundings. If you find yourself a Pelle never let him go as he´s one of the most positiv and cheerful people to have around. He´s also hilarious, humble. He´ll usually also be a great fighter (especially boxing, kick boxing and thai boxing). Pelles are also commonly known for being incredible lovers with insance abilitys to satisfy their partners. They´re also known for being very likely to recieve nobel prices throughout their lives. Pelle is an often used name in Denmark and around Scandinavia.
WOW! Look at that Pelle!

Hmmm yes... Pelle!
Pelle is awesome!
by Signsofzodiac October 19, 2019
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Used in sentences for describing a person, means very nice.
That guy is very Pelle!
by ellep February 2, 2009
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