A sore thumb is any peer, teen, adult, child or person who on purpose stands up for their beliefs or ideas. A sore thumb rejects the popular way thus the term "sore thumb" refers to a way a finger is obvious when it is bandaged.

For example, a sore thumb would be a person standing up for their religion, while everyone else believes in no God at all.

The person can be unpopular, however doesn't care because it is the true way.

The person is NOT a tattle-tale or stuck up snob.

Sore thumb -6 people in an office are cheating the system and writing in that they worked an extra hour per day, and leaving. One of them realizes this is wrong, stands up for himself and does the right thing by writing it in correctly.
by nimeskern February 12, 2009
To be easily noticed. To have something obvious going on.
Jane: Do you think i should put on my multi colored hat & gown?

John: No i don't. You're just gonna stick out like a sore thumb.
by mehcee March 29, 2014
Dude, you should quit driving by my house in that blue car and parking it at the bakie shop!
Your front plate sticks out like a sore thumb. It's all red and say's omni... * * *saves on it. It your trying to be incogneeto your doing a horrible job of it. e.g. Stop calling me a liar too. You dont see me driving by your place like a nause with a cause. Boom shacka, ya loud mouth chicken shit!
When you have your thumb facing up on the couch trying to hit a bullseye on your wife's backdoor as she sits down and misses the hole and jams it bad.
Come here honey sit next to daddy and give me a sore thumb.
by The bad santa (dirty eggrole) September 12, 2022