What are you doing with your life? Get off urban dictionary and go outside. Stop wasting your life and do something with it. If not you might become a cockwomble.
Person 1: Shut up
Person 2: Give your head a wobble you stupid cockwomble
by UnknownKid5 August 3, 2020
Now a general word of abuse, but originally more especially for politicians. However, I'm fairly sure its first meaning was something rather more specific.
"The Wombles" was a children's TV programme about little creatures who lived in Wimbledon Common and picked up trash.

Also at one time Wimble Common was known as a place homosexual men would go in the evening in search of anonymous casual sex.

There was a scandal once regarding a politician who was seen there one evening and who insisted he was, "Taking his dog for a walk".

So a "cockwomble" was someone (especially a politician) whose interests include anonymous casual homosexual sex acts with strangers.
"Why does he go by car to take his dog for a walk?"

"He's a cockwomble."
by A handle not already used March 6, 2021
Used mainly as an insult towards men. Cockwombles are useless fuckwits that do not know what they are doing and stand around while watching others do work.
by daddysims887 March 10, 2021