Miserable male with ex military background and hated by his work colleagues
by browns lb February 24, 2017
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Pedo Joe and everyone still supporting him are all cockwombles.
by Wyld Will August 16, 2022
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when a boy is really bad with his willy and it shriverls up inside you when he goes too fast.
girl1: oh that maddox boy is really hot
gorl2: yeah but hes a complete cockwombler
by hshshkellogssoup November 14, 2021
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A complete and utter plonker.. a silly sod.. someone without merit
by Borthbeachcat February 18, 2018
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A deadshit of epic proportions.
A daft individual lacking in intelligence and or wit.
That gardener poisoned a perfectly healthy bed of flowers. What a cockwomble!
by The real Fankles December 13, 2017
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BoJo, the fluffy topped one, the purveyor of untruths and man who has dumbfounded not just his own nation but many around the world.
That Cockwomble Boris Johnston...
by September 14, 2020
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