word used to desribe somthing.......thats just basically huge or of massive importance.
sully:uuuuhhhhh,my belly
jessica:wats wrong wit u know?
sully:uh,i need a shit.........of epic proportions!
by Jonny sheridan January 5, 2008
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Something you would say to describe how much trouble or problems you have gotten yourself into.
Leah: Oh no! We got dirt on mums new dress.
Sophie: Shit! What should we do? There isn't enough time to wash it before the party!
Leah: This is a quagmire of epic proportions!
by Ghostkid XD August 21, 2008
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When your procrastinating boyfriend fails to reserve the suite at the best hotel in town the night your husband finally lets you go out with "the girls"! Dumb ass!
This is a "nightmare of epic proportions"!
by blondie January 13, 2005
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