1) - to spit.
2) - a woman whom sleeps around, looks cheap &/or has questionable character.
3) - the waste product of the steel making process.
Friend 1) did you see the slag around the corner?
Friend 2) yes. Is she your wife?
Friend 1) fuck you.
by Babycats May 7, 2019
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A girl or boy who shags everything in sight. has 1 million STDs
You: hey look at that slag
Me: I know I can smell her fishy fanny from here
by Pussahy November 19, 2021
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A slag is a girl that plays around with a guys feelings, leads him on etc, the female version of a fuckboy
"She said she was gonna go out with James but then slept with dan"
"What a slag"
by Bancybadato11 December 31, 2018
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A slag is the top crust of the bread because everyone touches it but no one likes it just like a slag as in a man or woman slag.
by Faze rugaduga June 26, 2018
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The word "slag" most notably refers to Vicky Ford, an MP who spends hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money on hotel rooms for sordid sex parties where she promoted children not being fed as part of her slaggy fetish
Wow isn't that Vicky Ford MP a big old slag
by Rashford for PM October 23, 2020
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a word used against women/girls by men/boys to insult.
it basically means someone who has slept around alot or has done other sexual things, people often use this in irrelivent situations, by saying it to someone who isnt a slag at all.
person one - i shagged him last night
person two - you slag!
by anymous :) May 29, 2010
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A woman that fucks around behind her friends or lover's backs with numerous men, with no feeling what so ever for the people she is hurting. A trashy, deceiving, back stabbing, lying heart breaking, cunt. Doesn't care what she does or who she does it to, as long as people are talking about her, weather it be good or bad, she's happy. Wherever she goes, drama is sure to follow.
"You slept with my boyfriend, my best friend, and my brother !"
"haha, yeahh, I hope my boyfriend doesn't find out."
"You fucking slag."
by lolbitchh November 4, 2011
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