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One of the first Internet satirists, and pioneers of a short-lived genre of comedy known as "Fratire", despite never actually belonging to a frat. Maddox slowly fell from grace after releasing a video defending cuckoldry, proving to the Internet and by extent the universe that he's not the big-balled badass pirate he once asserted he is.

Maddox then further dug his own L.A.S.J.W coffin by releasing a hit piece video implying his old podcast co-host, Dick Masterson, was a "rape apologist", getting him banned from a live comedy show and inciting a job lynch mob against him, merely because Dick had asserted that a woman has a responsibility to protect herself by not getting blackout drunk at a party. In actuality, Dick allegedly slept with Maddox's ex of three years prior, and Maddox went full chump syndrome and destroyed their successful podcast, "The Biggest Problem In The Universe".

Maddox is a verb, a noun, an adjective, and example, and a cuck.

To underpay your audio engineer,

To backstab your friends, or
To poorly argue a point

A total cuckold or bitch.

Implies Maddoxian nature: petty, childish, perverted, scummy, evil.

Don't be a Maddox.

"I've been working for this dude for 3 weeks and he's only paid me in Disney Dollars. He's totally Maddoxing me."
"That guy I created a great show with sold me up the river to virtue signal to a bunch of fat unfunny SJW comediennes. He's Maddoxing hard."
"I disproved that dude's point using logic and he just screamed about phalluses. Solid Maddoxing."

"I was fucking this guy's wife while he was being a Maddox in the closet."

"Stop defending cuckolding. It's very Maddox of you."

"Maddox only has one Urbandictionary entry in the last 8 years."

"Cuck, cuck cuck cuuuuuuuuuck!"
by aciou April 05, 2017
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Owner and writer of "The Best Page In The Universe". Real name George Ouzounian, Writes highly controversial, uconventional, and impractical work that is occasionally hilarious. Has many people that view his work daily Friends Of Maddox and many protestors mothers against maddox.
"Have you checked out maddox's latest writing?"
by Erl August 20, 2005
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Real name George Ouzounian , he is the creator of the self-proclaimed The Best Page in the Universe. He's also a pirate who kicks ass. He doesn't like bitchy women, kids, old people or Titanic. People say he should be the king of the Internet. I agree.
Quotes from Maddox: "For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three"
"Littering kicks ass."
"I will kick your ass for $25."
by Hayley September 30, 2005
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Also referred to as "the baddest mother-fucker in the Universe," Maddox is the epitome of all that is good about pirates, ninjas, lumberjacks and assholes. His controversial rants feed the fires of many wet-pussied liberals, dry-pussied soccer moms, and fat-pussied middle aged whores who pretend to care about the environment, prejudice, and children’s feelings. His strong views boast a lot of extreme fans or extreme anti-fans, but the anti-fans are faggots, so no one cares what they think. His great taste in good movies aids others to following the right path of mindless zombie movies and gore flicks such as Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness. His site is known, and often mimiced, for its black background, yellow link text and grey-text articles.
"Shit, dude; Maddox rocks balls!!!" - Everyone
"I think I just totally got dragon kicked to the face after reading that article" - Everyone else
by Jared Lee Johnson September 29, 2005
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George Ouzounian, more commonly known as Maddox, is the creator of the "Best Page in the Universe". He is infamous for his loathing of assholes, feminists, vegetarians/vegans, hippies, old people, children, politics... pretty much everyone but himself.
Maddox is the supreme ruler of the internet.
by Care-line October 11, 2005
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A guy who writes humorous articles.
He has a large fan base, which contrary to popular belief, isn't just a load of 12-18 year olds, and don't all type in 1337 spk.

The majority of those who protest against his work are dull, or unintelligent:

-The dull usually moan about facts being twisted, or the articles being full of bias. IF YOU WANT FACTS READ A NEWSPAPER!! Maddox's articles are for humour only.

-The unintelligent label him as a "greasy nerd" or "fag", despite him being neither. They sometimes say that Maddox can't get laid, which is pretty ridiculous considering he has a HOT girlfriend.

The mothers against maddox movement fall into both these categories. They really need to grow the hell up and get their priorities sorted.
Guy: "Maddox ur a fag and ur greasy, even though u have a hot girlfriend, r famous, and make mo money than me"

Guy2: "Maddox, I visited your site expecting serious unbiased articles. I'm really dissapointed. I shan't be returning, and I shall express my dissapointment on other internet sites. I suck ass."

Mother against Maddox: "I like to campaign against internet sites while my kids are out smoking pot and having underage sex. I don't have a clue how to be a good parent, so I campaign against things that aren't really going to affect my child."
by BruceMcGoose July 20, 2006
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1)Maddox- Owner of the Best Page in the Universe. Hates people who can't spell, think, or are just total fucktards.

2)Maddox- The essential equivalent to Che Guevera, except in Pirate form.
""LOL MADDOX U SUC LOLZ U FAG GET A LIF THAT TING INM'T REAL!!!21!!#12" "The amount of work it must take to move your pinky those painful 5/8s of an inch is astounding. Fuck off."

"Maddox had to pay for some birth prevention pills for my bitchy neighbors because I zapped them in the crotch with a stun gun too many times."

"Oh, that's just Maddox, off to liberate Bolivia from shitfaced fuckers who can't type."
by Ferret Overlord March 16, 2006
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