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Cocktimistic - the act in witch someone is being a real dick. the combination of optimistic and someone acting like a total dick
Tom: Hey Vic whats up with Justin?

Victor: Oh yeah, he's been mad Cocktimistic lately.

Danny: Jordan! can you stop being so Cocktimistic right now man!
by Dotpsych March 23, 2011
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Being particularly optimistic in matters regarding sex.
"Oh don't pout, this is singles night! There's every reason to be cocktimistic in this crowd"

"Hey babe, feeling cocktimistic tonight or should I just brush my teeth and call it a night?"
by vvlts June 11, 2012
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Overestimating the size of one's penis.
Dave said it would shatter my ovaries, but he was being cocktimistic!
by dave_moodiesburn July 18, 2018
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