The most exclusive stick that most bitches have only heard or dreamt about. Only the most elite hoes can truly understand.
Justin: Wow, look at that, he is really handling his business
Tim: Well what do you expect, he's a grown ass man.
Some Girl: Yeah, and he been slangin' me that real dick too.
Dylan: Bitch, quit telling everybody about my business.
by DylanTimJustinMike March 27, 2008
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These days usually you meet a female and sometime, usually within the first 3-5 mins. Girls be freaks and men just DGAF. Then men usually always lead the convo. Start saying how big his dick his, how he gonna make her cum over over. And how she gonna be shaking afterwards. Exposing her to her, by making her squirt for the first time ever. If you feel like you’re gonna give her the best dick and sex she’s ever had.

BIG DICK ENERGY IS when you actually execute and do everything say you’re gonna do. I tell a female everytime, i dont lie on my dick. I’m trying to make that a thing. So please dont say it, unless its true and you got it like that. Only so many men can do this, my guess is 10/100 people realistically possess BIG DICK ENERGY.
Him: I’ma have you cummin and cummin, she says, while you’re cummin inside her, (in the condom) i knew you was going to lay that dick down, because i felt that REAL BIG DICK ENERGY right when you went inside me.
by JarSjar June 8, 2022
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The rea big dick nick is a cool strong hot muscular not so smart kid in high school that doesn't have a girl but little do the ladies know there's a snake in his pants and keep doubting him but he probably has the top 10 biggest cocks in the state
The real big dick nick fucked your bitch and she started crying cause of the hugeness of his cock
by Nick With The Big Dick1 March 14, 2017
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