The female reproductive organs,and become extremely unbearable when mensturating. Prone to ovary explosion.
My ovaries are killing me.
by Pitchy February 25, 2015
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courage; guts. used to empower women and stop balls from being the only sex organs that denote gutsiness.
i dunno if i have the ovaries to jump off that high ledge
by v. March 30, 2005
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The balls in Bill Gill's throat. Because he is such a pussy.
Look at that big pussy Bill Gill's ovaries.
by Richard Head February 19, 2003
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An Australian hard rock band who like to "rock out with their ovaries out" with songs such as "bitch is it your time of the month" "devil snare" (which is based on the popular harry potter movies) and other songs about murder and the zombie apocalypse.
Man can't wait to see The Ovaries tonight, they are so cool
by Ovarian December 7, 2010
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the body part that contains a woman's eggs.
2. often kicked by angry men
I'm gonna kick you in the ovary's bitch!
by penis muncher June 20, 2006
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a meme account on instagram who posts many edgy videos and is know for being lazy the owner also advertises his fortnite clan RTK to his followers
the._.ovary is the best meme account on insta
by Cyber wolf October 28, 2018
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