Being positive all the time. Recovers from anger or sadness very quickly or doesn't feel bad emotions at all. Usually very high spirited or loves to smile, you'll know 'em when you see them.
Jaime is so optimistic, nothing brings her down!
by AcetheSpade November 14, 2007
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Optimist Bills fan, 1998: "The bills are going all the way this year! We've got Doug Flutie!"
by billydbones August 18, 2012
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someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, its more like a cha-cha.
That guy is an optimist!
by jbkr March 23, 2014
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One who usually expects a favorable outcome.One who looks on the bright side of things, or takes hopeful views
Aaron says Jamie is very OPTIMIST. This makes Aaron a fucking tard and wrong.
by Jordan July 13, 2003
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An optimist is Some person who comes home finds thier back door broken into and thinks a surprise partys been arranged for them
"optimist"e.g if i step on to this train track a train wont run me over because im such a darn nice person
by sir tommay November 1, 2006
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Descriptive Noun. First part of a four-part sequence which explains all types of individuals.
An OPTIMIST is a person who doesn't have all the facts.
A PESSIMIST is an optimist who does have all the facts.
A CYNIC is a pessimist who has seen the facts in action.
A PARANOID is a cynic who has FINALLY realized that the facts are after him.
Johnny the Optimist says, "Gosh, I'm sure that the Congress will make laws for the benefit of the public rather than those wealthy enough to buy a congressman or senator and slap a bar code on their back! After all, this is a Democracy." (Exits, stage right, humming "America The Beautiful, badly off key.)
by seeker6079 October 26, 2005
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N. One who looks on the bright side of life, though they know that nothing will ever get better.
I really am trying to be an Optimist
by ink24 August 18, 2008
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