An amazing guy who will always be there for you whenever you need him. He has the biggest heart and will easily be there for you. He will never hesitate to comfort you and make you feel like you're the center of the universe. He was raised with manners and is the sweetest gentleman you will come across in your lifetime. He is also very handsome and is popular amongst everyone.
by Hirlfriend January 2, 2016
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Victor is an amazing person with a big heart and unique personality. He is caring, smart, cute, sexy, and a whole bunch of things. He will light up your day whenever you need it and he is always there for everyone. What he needs, is someone who'll listen to him, who cares for him, who loves him. He tends to have a rough temper but also likes to keep a lot of things to him self. He has a huge love for animals and music. He is a fantastic drummer, bassist, singer and musician. I love him with all my heart.

If you have a Victor, please don't ever lose him like I did. He truly is a one of a kind.
"Victor is sooo cute."
"Hey! He's mine!"
by someonewholovesvictor November 27, 2019
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Victor is and always will be super dorky, smart, funny, sweet, kind,(an ass sometimes), an amazing friend who will stick by your side no matter what, he is someone you can feel comfortable with and tell him anything and everything, he is the one and only Victor (well at least mine is)
0.0 idk Victor isn't a word so...
by bread is nice November 7, 2017
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Victor is a person who's not perfect; he has his flaws and he understands that he has them. He may not be the best with words of comfort but don't mistake it for him being uncaring - he's very protective over people he cares about. Victor has a dark sense of humour, sarcastic and able to talk shit at the flick of a switch. A bit of a retard but he means well. Really, he's an edgelord but over all, he's not too bad himself. He's a good friend to have with you.
"Basically, Victor heard that someone was bullying me and he decided to beat them up."
by tw_ January 17, 2020
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The very best person you will ever meet. Ever. He's beautiful, sweet, caring, sexy and he will make your life worth living a thousand times over. Victor's smile can turn a day around. The boy I love. The boy I intend to marry.

I love you, Victor.

Stay with me forever
Victor is amazing
by nicolelovesvictor April 3, 2013
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A very handsome guy. Thicc asf, and has a hell of a personality and happens to have a large penis
by supernovanicole July 23, 2018
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