When your gurl brushes her teeth with minty fresh toothpaste then proceeds to give a blowjob.
By Christian G.
I received a fresh coating yesterday and I still smell the good ol' crest today.
by Mintchris January 02, 2019
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to make something sound better than it really is.
Jan sugar coated the fact that she was sleeping with Peter's best friend.
by TRUEMicah October 26, 2009
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Explosive diarhea usually combined with powerful farts that result in a shit-splattered toilet bowl.
I didn't want to, but I had the shits so bad I knew it was unavoidable to coat the bowl.
by charlygordon123456 July 25, 2006
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A very spasticated human who supports 2 football clubs. He is also known to look like sid from ice age and also he has very alien like eyes. He likes to spend his free time playing fortnite while getting drunk on the weekend. Set 8 mentally
Ben: Have you seen Freddie coats

Lj: Yh is he the guy who looks likes sid from ice age

Paris: Yh and with the weird eyes
by Sckurmummate March 28, 2021
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A male ejaculating during a "deep throat" oral sexual experience.
She gave me a blow job and when I came, she got a throat coat.
by MrFreeman88 March 02, 2004
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(Also Sport's Coat)

A guy who is screwing your girl while you are away, especially in prison. See "Jody"
Your girl comes to see you on the weekend, but Sport Coat is fucking her during the week.
by Rony Rone December 10, 2009
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the non-existent jacket that keeps you warm while walking home drunk in a t-shirt at 2am
is your 'beer coat' keepin you warm?
by jeska September 07, 2003
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