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A championsip game culminating a season of competition with various teams.
Turd Burglars vs. Pissants.... Turd Burglars are on the blitz... they've burgled a turd... Now they're penetrating the backfield.. Flushdown, Turd Burglars !!!!!
by Johnny Chingas January 13, 2004
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a cooch thats been beat on and had been cumed in many times over
damn after he was done with her, she had sucha toilet bowl
by no one May 07, 2005
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Something undesirable, unwanted. Could be any object, or a feeling.
Dude did you see that girl? She was so toilet bowl!!!

Man, I haven't slept in 3 days... I feel so toilet bowl...
by CrazyBorat May 08, 2011
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