A championsip game culminating a season of competition with various teams.
Turd Burglars vs. Pissants.... Turd Burglars are on the blitz... they've burgled a turd... Now they're penetrating the backfield.. Flushdown, Turd Burglars !!!!!
by Johnny Chingas January 13, 2004
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a cooch thats been beat on and had been cumed in many times over
damn after he was done with her, she had sucha toilet bowl
by no one May 7, 2005
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when a guy is fucking a girl from behind, and the other guy is laying down eating her out the guy pulls out of her ass and she shits all over the other dudes dick, she then sucks all the shit off his dick until he cums.
Dude you need to shower after you got the toilet bowl
by cit October 28, 2006
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Slang Term for hitting a bowl of dank while sitting on, or standing at the toilet or urinal.
Sid: Guess what! Last night I totally Toilet Bowling again! It was awesome!
Nancy: Ugh!! Jeebus Christ!! Stop taking so many shits and smoking weed all the time! It's disgusting!
Sid: *stab* *stab*
by Lex Iconographer December 1, 2011
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The illustrious honor given to a NCAA football team that misses bowl season.
Congratulations 5-7 UT, you just earned a bid to the Toilet Bowl!
by Gorilla Adam November 26, 2010
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not only tis it a place of sacrafice, it tis a place of round swirly things and teddy bears. (And god knows tis the only place you can get some PRIVACY) except for at Jenna's House.

dont abuse the powers of the sacred toilet bowl
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What a roll of bungwipe becomes when it falls into the toilet and subsequently requires disposal.
{Ed}: Myrna, can you run get me another roll of assiton assimilators please? This roll fell into the can, becoming toilet bowl paper!
{Myrna}: Ed, that's the third time this month that you've made toilet bowl paper! Won't you please fix the TP dispenser?!?
by Telephony September 22, 2014
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