The act of jizzing in a womans mouth so much to where you coat her throat with your immense load.
"Dude do you wanna go coat the throat of my new GF??"
by 69erandthenDineher July 27, 2009
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virgil still kept his coat rack even years after he left tennessee.
by bonzai April 27, 2004
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The term *gets coat* is a phrase used usually after a joke that has failed, or one that is terrible/in bad taste. Usually found on forums and internet message boards.

On other occasions, those with extended wit can often be found using such alterations as *doesn't have a coat*.

It's origins could be traced back to a series of sketches in the Fast Show, which ended with Mark Williams saying "I'll get me coat" after saying something which made him look like an idiot.
An example of this is as follows:

Person 1: I've just been on a boat.
Person 2: Did you have a whale of a time?
Person 3: *gets coat*
*gets coat* may also be found spoken by Person 2 at the bottom of their post, if they realise the appalling nature of their joke before posting.
by Jack Hayman March 27, 2005
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1. A type of coat which drapes down to your lower knees or near your feet. Occasionally has inner and/or deep pockets to carry materials.

2. A type of clothing that is infamously known by pretty much everyone in existence today from the Trench Coat Mafia who terrorized Columbine back in 1999.

3. I wear this kind of clothing and it scares the shit out of people.

4. If you wear it, you get severely steroetyped by pretty much anyone (even cops, who banned me from the mall for 'shoplifting'. They didn't like the coat, I presume).
Example 1: Me: I love my Trench Coat. It's so warm.

Example 2: Me: The Trench Coat Mafia made a bad name for these cool ass coats.

Example 3: Scared Citizen: Get that coat away from me!

Trench Coat Wearer: Fuck off, I ain't leaving buddy.

Example 4: Cop: I'm gonna have to let you leave, son.

Random Guy: Why, officer?

Cop: You shoplifted, didn't you?

Random Guy: Uh, no I didn't.

Cop: Well, the Trench Coat pretty much gives it away. You're banned for a year. If you come back, you'll be arrested.

Random Guy: I'm getting tired of this place, anyways. (Whispering) Fucking stereotype...
by Mister E. February 14, 2004
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When someone isn't honest with another person - to a point -
The person's real opion:
"I really dislike you, your VERY annoying, and I wish you would drop dead."

Sugar coated:
"I don't like you very much, your a little bit annoying, but I think your doing somthing with life."

Sugar coating.
by Mikey Saur December 01, 2008
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/ kōt dwôrf/

a person who is of unusually or abnormally small stature because of a medical condition whilst residing in an outer garment having sleeves and extending below the hips.
Guy 1: Sup dude, you get with that girl last night?
Guy 2: Almost man
Guy 1: No way! I thought it’d be a sure thing. What happened?
Guy 2: We were hooking up in the coat closet when a coat dwarf jumped out at us.
Guy 1: Those coat dwarfs can be a real hassle, not as bad as the 90’s but still.
by Dr. Dizzle July 20, 2018
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Fans of the cult classic TV show "Firefly" or fans of the movie "Serenity" are called browncoats.
There were a bunch of browncoats down at the mall waiting for tickets.
by choker del fritz May 20, 2005
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