Term used in rural Arkansas denoting a word for sex.

Another name for having sex undercover. Sex. Relation. Horizontal mamba. Fucking.
I caught Pookie coating in the woods, Mama!
by Uwishunuw December 30, 2017
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To turn someones coat inside out, and zip it/button it back up the wrong way.
Highly annoying for the person whose coat it is, highly amusing for everyone else
Created at Herne Bay High, similar to bagged
Rex; ha, i coated rory
Sam; aha yeh, that's lolworthy
Rory; fuckers.
by Sax February 06, 2008
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Acconym for Cunt Of A Thing. Used to discribe an annoying person or object.
Turn that COAT off said Sean as the musical toy was driving him crazy.

Or That COAT Sally would stop calling me last night. she needs to get a life!
by Grant Wholey November 26, 2007
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A place where only the socially excluded of whittlesey choose to live. Ohhhh they also have a village church which is the only form of nightlive for it's inhabitants.
"Im going to Coates tonight"
by WhittleseyRob May 10, 2007
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People with the nickname "Coats" deserve the world! They are talented, super arts-y, love musicals, and are dog-people. They are some of the best people and they are not people you want to make your enemies. They are passionate and stand up for those they love. They truly care and anyone who knows a "Coats" is lucky to have them in their lives.
Friend: I wish I had a friend with a cool nickname, who is super talented, into musicals, reads a lot, and is generally an amazing person!

- Well, actually I know someone exactly like this! Have you heard of Coats ?
by Bellator Glacies May 09, 2020
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When someone thinks they have back up and can do/get away with murder .
Jordan : Hes a wee idiot !
Michael : Who that boy Lee ?
Jordan : No he isn’t you can’t get fresh with him otherwise your in big trouble because of who he knows !
Craig : Thats because he’s coated !
by Austin MacDonell February 19, 2021
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sweet, awesome, hot, fresh, sick
ex. 1: "your car is coated!"
ex. 2: (someone asks you how things have been) "shit's been pretty coated"
by flab gab and fat shat June 18, 2009
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