to mercilessly take the pissout of someone for a long length of time
Wheeler came into the pub wearing chinos the other saturday. He got absolutely coated by Griff and went home nearly in tears
by bigmeuprudeboy December 02, 2003
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to describe the looks of a hot, beautiful female, to say she is "coated" is to say she is pretty, as such
man, you see her, she be all coated
by baybee gurl May 29, 2004
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Coates is evil...he says my writing is getting better, but somehow my grades are getting lower.
by Ganski April 16, 2007
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when a person or group appear to not care what is thought of them but everything about them ie; appearance, things they say and do, is all about manipulating mass opinion. eg ISIS extreme Islamic group.
See that new girl on the treadmill, she only started gym because she wants people to think she is fit and health conscious, that is so "coated".
by kely4nya September 03, 2014
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When someone has reached the level of intoxication that they no longer feel the cold. So they do not require a jacket they have their "alcohol coat."
Mum: you cannot go out wearing that its freezing!
Me: nah mum it's fine I got my Alcohol coat.
by amo:) November 29, 2017
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Being so drunk you aren't able to walk independently, and must be held up like a coathanger
by Dr John the Third February 25, 2019
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