Misspelling of "diarrhea," a favorite subject of elementary school songs learned on the playground.
(singing) When you're sittin' on the toilet and the toilet paper's gone, be a man: Use your hands! Diarrhea!

(singing) When you're ridin' on your Harley and you feel somethin' gnarly: Diarrhea! When you're climbin' on a ladder and you feel somethin' splatter: Diarrhea! Diarrhea!
by BlastMaster December 30, 2003
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spalt splatter iwl its gushy mushy from your tushy
when your sitting in a bush and u feel sumtin squish diarhea diarhea!
ya know when ya east 2 much bad clams and you fart and feel water gush in your pants an your pants start to leak? Yeah i know you know, well dats what it is my ghetto baby's
by Erica F July 19, 2002
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1) A Diarhea Slut is a girl who gets someone to shit in her cunt before they have sex, Diarhea Sluts are often very dirty with festering maggots inside their Vaginas And maybe other parts of the body
2)Diarhea Slut can also be used as en insulte against trampy lying dirty skanks.
Crystal: I Can't believe Ashton lied about me like that.

Dylan: Don't worry Crystal, No one will believe a DIARHEA SLUT.

by Heartbreak February 13, 2009
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From the medical texts books this was cleary dianosed as recently as 2004. ver'Bal-Die-a-ree-aa!
Defined as one who uncontrollably spews forth non-sense and useless verbage only to satisfy the need to hear their own voice and irate and deafen others.
I can't beleive the amount of verbal-diarhea that was spewing from his mouth! My god, it was disgustingly vile and deafening.

I can not handle the amount of verbal-diarhea that is coming forth from your rancid breath and it must stop!
by Bahahahah October 24, 2005
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To say things without holding back. A constant urge to just blurt things out without thinking first.
That dude has a bad case of verbal diarhea, he's always embarassing himself.
by Shianne page December 08, 2007
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The feeling of climax you receive when taking a diarhea. Can result in multiple waves and multiple orgasms.
Oh shit dude, after about the second or third wave of diarhea I felt so great. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm I love my diarhea orgasms!
by Poopsmith April 19, 2003
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Confused with the actual burning acidic pain of realising hot steamy diahrea out of your shithole.
by my anus tastes like cookies April 20, 2003
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