Texting code to determine your percentage of intimacy later
You: Texting to wife: COAT?
Her 100%... see ya soon!
by FedEX Man 82 March 25, 2019
A person of the opposite sex who, when attending social events, requires less maintenance than a coat in order for you to get them to come home with you.
"Liz is Rob's coat. When he goes out, he leaves her at the door and hits on other girls with his friends. But when it is time to go home, he grabs her at the door like she is his winter coat."
by Ted Blake June 26, 2003
One of the coolest usernames ever. Coat is hardcore and awesome. Can be found on Gaia Online.
Dag, Coat is the shiz.
by Lynn January 24, 2005
Liquor you sneak into a bar or club in your coat in the hope of getting fucking wasted. Can also be drank in the parking lot outside.
Chug that coat!
by drizzychenko March 1, 2011