Acconym for Cunt Of A Thing. Used to discribe an annoying person or object.
Turn that COAT off said Sean as the musical toy was driving him crazy.

Or That COAT Sally would stop calling me last night. she needs to get a life!
by Grant Wholey November 26, 2007
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Liquor you sneak into a bar or club in your coat in the hope of getting fucking wasted. Can also be drank in the parking lot outside.
Chug that coat!
by drizzychenko March 01, 2011
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to mercilessly take the pissout of someone for a long length of time
Wheeler came into the pub wearing chinos the other saturday. He got absolutely coated by Griff and went home nearly in tears
by bigmeuprudeboy December 02, 2003
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People with the nickname "Coats" deserve the world! They are talented, super arts-y, love musicals, and are dog-people. They are some of the best people and they are not people you want to make your enemies. They are passionate and stand up for those they love. They truly care and anyone who knows a "Coats" is lucky to have them in their lives.
Friend: I wish I had a friend with a cool nickname, who is super talented, into musicals, reads a lot, and is generally an amazing person!

- Well, actually I know someone exactly like this! Have you heard of Coats ?
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by Bellator Glacies May 09, 2020
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