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You know, the 5 to 10 pounds you put on during the winter months.
Dude, Spring Break is coming up soon, I have to shed this winter coat winter weight weight gainbefore we hit up the beach.
by sjkyr4 March 29, 2009
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A winter coat is a beard grown to keep the face warm during cold temperatures. The more manly and grizzly the beard, the more of a winter coat it is.
Note: This dialogue is much funnier if used during spring and summer seasons.

Woman: "and why won't you shave your face you look like a caveman!"

Man: "Bitch! I already told you, it's my fucking winter coat, and I need it!"
by BreezeZilla August 21, 2007
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Growing the hair on your legs during the colder months.
Julie - "Aren't you going to shave your legs?"

Narelle - "No, that's my winter coat. I'm wearing tights."
by Greeneggs June 24, 2010
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A word used to describe a gradual increase in body weight, generally caused by the intake of excess calories, little exercise, or may be caused by a medical condition. A winter coat is maintained during months of the year where one is less likely to reveal their acquired blubber... hence giving it the name "winter coat."
Lindsey: (While using two hands to grasp her abdomen) "Feel this."

Jennifer: "Well, what's that?"

Lindsey: "That's my winter coat."
by Jenn N. January 28, 2008
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