When you can't take off you jacket cuz you have cuts on your wrist.
Julius: "Its hot in here..."
Maliky: "Then take off your jacket."
Julius: "I can't"
Maliky: "Why?"
Julius" "...Cuz i have cuts >.>"
Maliky: "ohhhh...your WATCH is BROKEN...."
Julius: "Yeahhh....Time will go crazy!!!"
by emogurl31797 April 26, 2010
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1.) Clean the Grill means basically it's time to leave
2.) Get the fuck out

I kicked someone out of my house cause they didn't clean a grill that was dirty for six months. I told them to "get the fuck out" cause of the grill.
Sarah: I cheated on you Mike...
Mike: You know what bitch, it's Time to Go clean the grill.
Sarah: What's that?
Mike: It means to get the fuck out of here.
by XPrimetime January 26, 2010
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Commonly abbreviated "BTG", Bird Time Go is the second illest and nastiest 8 Piece Hip-Hop group (second to Wu-Tang Clan), consisting of:

BB Thirst (Tim Ahern)
Dr. Z (Dan Rich)
J Blaze (Jon Burns)
M.C. B-Mic (Steve Johnson)
DJ Oats (Nick Murphy)
J-Caz (Jeff Caswell)
D illin' (Dylan Alexander)
Neal the Real Deal (Neal Beaudreau)

Bird Time Go was formed in southern RI on 8/19/2008. You can listen to them at:

Paul: "What the fuck you know 'bout Bird Time Go?"

Sam: "Lyrics so tight, like a fucking game show?"
by babyspookysexy October 4, 2009
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Phrase referring to how quickly time seems to pass over a large amount of time

Similar to "How time flies"
Person 1: Do you remember fidget spinners?
Person 2: Yes, what about them?
Person 1: They were popular 4 years ago
Person 2: Wow, where did the time go?
by an_account August 2, 2021
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Next time go eat a salad is a line that the Scout from Team Fortress 2 says. It insults the Heavy, who is morbidly obese.
by smmr <3 January 13, 2023
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