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a lifetime commitment never to drink, smoke, or do drugs. some people include abstainence from promiscuous sex. others abstain from caffeine. started in the hardcore/punk scene of the early 1980's in Washington DC.
Earth Crisis are gods of the straightedge movement.
by Lynn February 28, 2005

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Sexual talk,writings.....
As he looked me in the eyes,I could tell that he was wanting me...wanting to feel my hot,wet ,pussy...Knowing that I need to feel him inside of me,his dick throbbing in my pussy...He slowly starts kissing me,working his way down my body as my pussy starts to throb......
by Lynn December 30, 2004

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vegan straightedge. a lifestyle which includes abstainence from all use of drugs, alcohol, and animal products/biproducts.
Earth Crisis was one of the first militant xvx bands.
by Lynn February 28, 2005

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1.shorter way of saying girlfriend
2.a girl best friend
1. Boy: I love my girl.
2. Thats my girl.
by Lynn February 28, 2005

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Boston/Rhode Island speak for AMAZING.
cappyXwise is mad wicked pissa.
by Lynn February 28, 2005

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A message board/online forum abbreviation for "Posting for Later"
Oh, shit! I don't have time to read this before work! PFL!
by lynn February 12, 2008

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English informal slang for nose.

See also;
A: *punches B in face*
B: You made my snozz bleed!
by Lynn December 13, 2004

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