32 definitions by Lynn

Sex with an obese person.
Tom Arnold must have really liked piggy sex if he married Rosanne!
by Lynn September 15, 2004
Mother Fooker. Derived from 'mother f*cker'.
That is one sexay mofoo.

You mofoo!

I am such a mofoo.
by Lynn April 9, 2003
i pill that wastes yours or your parents money which is supposed to help deppression but doesnt realy work it just makes you want to kill yourself but you arent depressed
prozac cause sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you dont
by Lynn May 7, 2005
A message board/online forum abbreviation for "Posting for Later"
Oh, shit! I don't have time to read this before work! PFL!
by Lynn February 12, 2008
taken from a band called ole olson and the knife fights, now means militant/fundamentalist christian
george w. is a total ole olson.
by Lynn March 1, 2005
As he looked me in the eyes,I could tell that he was wanting me...wanting to feel my hot,wet ,pussy...Knowing that I need to feel him inside of me,his dick throbbing in my pussy...He slowly starts kissing me,working his way down my body as my pussy starts to throb......
by Lynn December 30, 2005
One of the coolest usernames ever. Coat is hardcore and awesome. Can be found on Gaia Online.
Dag, Coat is the shiz.
by Lynn January 24, 2005