A racial slur for Native Americans in the mid-west and west coast of Canada. typically used amongst Native Americans themselves. The slur refers to the alcoholic problems common amongst the Native American Population. "Alcoholic Chug" and "Drunken Chug" are also common slurs in place of the original.
Look at that chug over there, probably wasted from all the alcohol.
by WestCoastWeiler August 26, 2016
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a native person that is an alcoholic
why are all those Listerine bottles behind Walmart? it's those fucking chugs man
by sojs September 25, 2012
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The word “Chug” is a commonly used slang word for natives up in the Canadian region, they also refer to them as Alialis (ULA-ULA-S) and or sand niggers.
Chug 1: Aye buddy are you ready for bingo?
Chug 2: nah sorry buddy. I spent the last of my change on listerine

Chug 3.....*snoring*...
Chug 2: I’ll stay home and drink with buddy here.
by Chuck lil dick July 3, 2018
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To drink very aggressively with lots of speed. Gulping.
by CharlesIsNowAKyle November 10, 2019
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As a noun : Had "how clean is your house" on last night, couldn't help but have a wee chug.
As a verb: Spent most of last night chugging in my wanking chariot last night. My bell-end is bruised.
by SevenFourTwo August 13, 2012
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A 40 oz bottle of sperm in a camo bottle old chug two rednecks drink it and say it's warm
You want another bottle chug
by Kingofdick February 5, 2019
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Slang word for stupid welfare natives who live in ditches and are born in shopping carts. For leisure they get stuck in rivers and trees. They have troubles finding jobs due to lack of hygiene.
Tim: Hey! Look up there! in that tree

Ken: What is it?

Tim: Its Eddie, the local Chug!


Tim: Stupid mutt
by SHAMOOO March 19, 2006
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