(noun). A person who unintentionally owns someone/something
(verb). To unintentionally own someone/something
Dude, that's the forth time today you accidently pwned someone. You must be proud to be a codex?

HOLY CRAP! Did you just codex that guy?
by KoDeCKS March 29, 2009
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The Codex workflow is an end-to-end, camera-to-post system that makes production easier and more efficient than ever before.
The Codex workflow is made up of three types of product – Recorders, Transfer, and Final Delivery systems. You can use them alone or together, depending on your application.
Our versatile range of Codex recorders cover all digital production applications – from broadcast studio work to ultimate cinema-quality recording. The Portable or Recorder systems provide hours of continuous recording and revolutionary ways of using the results.
Transfer Stations
These units allow you to make everything from simple backup copies to full production deliverables, right on set or from a location office. As with all Codex products, the Transfer Stations deliver results much faster than real time.

Final delivery
The Transfer Stations integrate seamlessly with the Codex Lab. The Lab is comprised from a series of powerful transcoding and voluminous storage modules, which provide all the deliverables and capacity that any production might need – from rushes to archiving, in a wide variety of formats. They can use many third-party RAID systems.
by Wlf<3'DrpD,,,,..,,...,,..,,. November 22, 2009
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Codexed is an unintended owning of someone/something
while running up a set of stairs you trip someone down them you totally just codexed that guy
by japsa February 10, 2009
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used as a substitute for penis, and different forms can be used as a substitute for "fuck", a pronoun, an adjective, or just about anything else fathomable. It is a very versatile word.
Codex as a noun: My codex itches.
Codex as a pronoun: Hey Codex!
Codex as a verb: Hey baby, let's codex
Codex as an adj.: This his head was codex shaped.

A codex can also be used to curse something. Instead of saying "Fuck you!", one may say "Codex you!"
by Willy H Fo Rizzle February 3, 2008
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A book series by Jim Butcher that doesn't get the love it deserves, mostly because it's overshadowed by Mr. Butcher's other, overall more popular book series The Dresden Files. About a world where every person in the populace has power over one or more "furies", or spirits of water, fire, earth, air, wood or metal. Some have one, others have multiple. However, the fate of that world lands smack on the shoulders of the one young man that DOESN'T have any furies. In addition to Tavi, the previously mentioned fury-less kid, there's also his aunt, Isana, his uncle, Bernard, a spy named Amara, a slave/swordsman named Fade or Araris, the bastard son of a nobleman, Max, and Tavi's love interest, the "barbarian" woman Kitai.
Books of Codex Alera:
Furies of Caulderon
Academ's Fury
Cursor's Fury
Captain's Fury
Princep's Fury (Coming Dec. 2008)
by Gorim August 15, 2008
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Golden Codex (aka 'Alphabet Man') is a brain dead crackhead that sells more drugs in pounds than he weighs. This man is Satan in a human body and clearly a failed abortion.
Golden Codex in dm's at 4 in the morning: "hey mann im the alphabett mannn"
by phsiclord May 5, 2020
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A corrupted food-based industry that definitely contain the worst types of human beings (should I really call them that) that exist in the world. A sex slave to the big drug, biotech, and GMO corporations. These shit-talking dickheads will do anything that they can to rob us our health and health freedom so they can earn a little bit more profit from them. These rotten pieces of shit splatter more horseshit than a horse's intestines thrown into a lawnmower, and they purposely do it just so their butt buddy corporations like Big Pharma would make more profit. These assholes spread their horseshit by threatening countries to join them by saying that if they don't join Codex Alimentarius they can't join the World Trade Organization. Unless we can stop them, they will ban every single natural health food, every single vitamin and mineral supplement, and every herb, and they will accomplish that by classfying nutrients as toxins not through science, but through fart that came out of their brains that are lodged inside their dicks. On the other hand, these hypocritical dickheads don't consider pharmaceutical drugs and pesticides as toxic, despite the fact any blind and deaf retard could tell that they are. They want to make it mandatory for all crops and livestock to be treated with genetic engineering, irradiation, pesticides, wax, and food colouring, so that with the citizen's health in jeopardy (more healthy people means fewer drugs sold, hence fewer profits from Big Pharma. Aww boo hoo hoo), all those extra bucks they make will satisfy their sexual fetish for dollar bills. Needless to say, they don't give a flying shit about people's health. Whenever people die, they go and masturbate inside their funerals. When their laws are implemented, an average of 3 billion people (most from third-world countries) will die simply because they're not allowed to eat nutrient dense foods. These cash-mongering assholes deserve the worst possible punishment if they ever get captured when people discover the truths about them. They need to be stopped ASAP for the health and safety of of our citizens and the freedom of our citizens.

Their regulations sound idiotic and asinine enough never to be passed, right? Well, no. The North American governments can do little to stop them because the Codex is universally adopted (due to afformented reasons) and if the government decides to approve the Codex laws, they'll do so without parliamentary approval. Which means WE AS CITIZENS CAN ONLY STOP THE CODEX!
Dickhead aka Codex Alimentarius worker: I have an idea. Let's all ban those poisonous nutrient supplements from markets and make it mandatory to grow crops using irradiation, GMO's, pesticides, and all those shit that's bad for us.

Logical person who actually care about other people: Sir, there's one problem: there has never been a study showing that nutrients will kill us and that natural foods are deadly to us. So bite me, jackass.

Dickhead: Shut up! I don't want you spreading our secrets. <grabs out a gun and shoots logical person in the head>

The amount of knowledge Codex knows about science is the same as the amount of knowledge a goldfish knows about the land.

Codex is so full of shit up to the eyes I'm surprised that they haven't even been sundried yet.
by Mack75 August 25, 2008
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