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1) A noun that has lost its amateur status.
2) A word that replaces a common or proper noun. Pronouns can fall into sub-categories: subject, object, relative, prepositional, interrogative, reflexive, and demonstrative.
by Zalis February 05, 2004
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Someone asking you what pronouns you prefer - it is a jargon phrase for identifying your gender. Ie male, female, neutral, etc.
Example pronouns: He, Him: she, her; shme, sheer, and sometimes... it.
by P.L.U.R. kind friend December 01, 2017
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Pronouns are a part of speech that indirectly refer to a noun. Common pronouns that are used for people are she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, and he/him/his. These may be shortened in text or speech with either two pronouns (eg, they/them) or a single pronoun (eg, they).

People may state their pronouns when introducing themselves, on their social media bios, on their email signatures, by wearing buttons or pins, or other means. Sometimes people may use multiple pronouns, such as both they/them and he/him, that are used in different situations or interchangeably.

It is considered very rude, and often transphobic, to intentionally use the wrong pronouns for someone.
Person 1: If it is okay to share, what are your partner's pronouns?

Person 2: She is okay sharing them, and uses she/her pronouns!

Person 1: She is a joy to be around.
by they4they October 05, 2019
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