Large pharmaceutical companies who pour more money into advertising, marketing, and political lobbying than they do into research, development, production, and distribution of medication. They also extort patients who need medicine for life-saving purposes into paying huge sums of money at an outrageous markup.
Big Pharma increased the price of Epipens to over a thousand dollars, but they cost only two bucks to make.
by Simmaniac January 13, 2021
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short for “Big pharmacy” big pharma is a word often used by conservatives to describe “How evil” the pharmacy industry is

Also scammers use it a lot too

One time I was scrolling through a comments section and saw a bot pretending to be a messenger for Jesus
And that they were delivering a message from him about how big pharma is pure evil and that their scam site is the holy place Jesus wants people to use

It was so ridiculous it almost felt satire
but it wasn’t
Conservative: Big pharma is evil and trump is the second coming of jesus!

Normal guy: wth are you talking about
by VeryGoodwithWords May 18, 2021
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When big pharma is allowed to produce and unlimited amount of pain medication and never gets any blame for the drug problems in the country. This is the essence of big pharma blame game.
When the government issues a license to a pain clinic and the doctors overperscribe medication and the federal court blames the owner of clinic and sentences the granted license holder to 20 years in prison. This would be the scapegoat of the big pharma blame game.
by free_dennis_caroni April 28, 2013
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Big Pharma: refers to pharmaceutical companies with revenue in excess of $3 billion, and/or R&D expenditure in excess of $500 million
The American Medical Association is the street dealer for Big Brotha Pharma in their effort to rule the world and finish the process of converting the human race to upright walking lemmings and sheep.

Big Brotha Pharma, spends millions annually on biased, well-designed, stringently controlled research designed to “prove” the ineffectiveness of any alternative medicine that can challenge any of their precious, toxic, but ultimately very profitable chemical concoctions.
by Urban Samurai October 5, 2009
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