another part of tonys masterplan.
everytime i work at a factory i have to watch some piss poor video telling me not to stick blow torches up my nose.
entirely designed to avoid being sued by the terminaly stupid and fuck all to do with safety.
method statement! i'll give you a method statement. i know how to do the job, you dont, thats why you are paying me to do it.
making me write it out in triplicate will not make me any safer. lets face it you wont understand a fucking word anyway you pen pushing desk pilot bastard.
example: making me wear a hard hat when working in a man lift platform. im the highest thing for 20 miles whats going to fall on my head? bird shit perhapse?
by Mr Flibble December 27, 2005
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Is a legislation to protect dumb people from themselves whilst putting others with intelligence though hours and hours of pointless and boring presentations so stupid rules and procedures can be implemented to annoy workers and reduce productivity.
Occupational Health and Safety

When replacing cuter blades ensure equipment is shut down and isolated before removing cover....
by ladam21 February 28, 2011
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A two-player game, where participants open four bottles of wine to acquire their corks, then drink all of them whilst pretending to be Bruce Lee.

Requires two corks & a cable-tie per set.

Used for micro battles where the traditional Nunchaku are prohibited by the Health & Safety Executive.

Best played when another more dangerous pursuit get's cancelled for some trivial reason.
Dude 1: Hey, the rain's too heavy for basejumping… wanna fill time with Health & Safety Numbchucks until it let's off a bit?
Dude 2: Yeaaaah, Bro.
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