Engage in normal coitus with your partner and as you are both about to climax yell "AIR RAID" and run to the shelter under your house while a B-17 drops napalm on your house.
by Awsomeo 5000 March 1, 2005
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Dresden refers to the apex, the king of the jungle, the species of animal that, when approached, will make you legit shit yourself
I'm getting chased by Dresden
YO that guy was so big you'd think he was Dresden
Oh shit, mum, the Dresden's are after me.
by The English 7'4" Don, Darren November 22, 2018
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to annihilate or utterly destroy something

Etymology: derived from the firebombing of the German city of Dresden by the Allied Forces in 1945
I just Dresdenized that ant hill with an M80.

If you do not surrender immediately, we will Dresdenize you!
by le_chacal March 29, 2011
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What makes me a good Demoman? If I were a bad Demoman, I wouldn't be sittin' here discussin' it with you, now would I?! LET'S DO IT! Not one of you's gonna survive this! One crossed wire, one wayward pinch of potassium chlorate, one errant twitch, and KA-BLOOIE! nd I got a manky eye. I'm a black Scottish cyclops. They got more fecking sea monsters in the great Lochett Ness than they got the likes of me. So! T'all you fine dandies, so proud, so cocksure, prancin' about with your heads full of eyeballs... come and get me, I say! I'll be waitin' on you with a whiff of the old brimstone! I'm a Grimm bloody fable with an unhappy bloody end! Oh, they're going to have to glue you back together...IN HELL!
Dresden is Demoman tf2
by A Fake Fat Sunny November 3, 2020
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An anarchist who when given power turns authoritarian.
guy 1: Yoooo I just got banned by Dresden for saying Obama isn't balck.
guy 2: serious shit!
by History is cool May 26, 2021
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A beautiful city in Germany with some of the most lush green forests of Europe as well as architecture that could not be considered anything less than art. Dresden has had a long history of artistic prominence producing many muscians, painters, and architects as well as establishing an important expressionist art group, Die Brücke (literally "The Bridge") in 1905.
It was unfortunately bombed in 1945 during WWII but has since been restored to it's former glory.
Dresden is considered the Porcelain capital of the world.
by +he realist. February 5, 2009
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To burn down a building all by yourself without apparently meaning to.
"I can't believe you pulled another Dresden!"
"It was an accident!"
by Nero200 December 8, 2013
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