the lint, or toilet paper remainings found around the clitoral region
before i went down on her i had to remove the clitty litter
by bige5569 August 22, 2003
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When a stripper bends over and shows you her pussy, and there is leftover toilet paper from wiping the pussy.
Bubbles had the biggest piece of clitty litter last night at club Desire
by gretone October 08, 2016
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the dander-like material found in a female's panties. This is often brought on by excitement, arousal, or exposure to big, fat cock.
while doing his mistress' panty laundry, the marcus discovered an unusually high cioncentration of clitty litter.
by biggdogg September 05, 2003
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Bits of toilet paper that get stuck on your bush after you wipe.
Katie: OMG becky,I had to wipe off the clitty litter before my date last night to avoid an unsavory experience.

Becky: OMG, I totally had a clitty litter episode last night!

Katie: Like wow! We are so like, clitty litter buddies!!
by MRLEW262 October 18, 2010
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vaginal paste found in the liner of womens' undergarments (and sometimes pants if produced in mass amounts) aquired at points of climatic pleasure or just from nasty hoes that do not correctly clean their monkeys or garments.
Is that clitty litter or are you just happy to see me?
by quimmy boy November 04, 2002
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