Not tasty. Unpleasant to taste or smell.
The unsavory durians smelled just as bad as they tasted.
by Mackenzie C. May 1, 2006
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That is the most unsavory man I ever had the displeasure of smelling. He just offended my senses.
by Ladylollypop August 17, 2010
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Shady people that you do not want at your party but they won't get the fuck out!!!
Who invited all the unsavories?
by eze February 23, 2004
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It does not leave a good taste in your mouth.
Her: "What in the unsavory fuck is going on here?!"
Him: "Well, you said talk lowder so I just started yelling at you all the time."
Her: "That is silly."
Him: "k, have a goodnight..."
by Aria A. Darling March 22, 2023
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A person or groupe of people that do not look normal or up to no good
There sure are alot of unsavory characters aound here!
by Bill bill November 4, 2013
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