to feel a certain special tension in one's sexual parts
Arousal began to overtake me like a wave.
by Jake March 8, 2004
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another word for crush. except the first thing that you want is a good time in bed instead of a kiss.

you can have as many arousals as you wish. as long as you can handle having more than one at the same time
YO SHIVAMHANGALINGHAM!!! Your arousal just passed by and asked if you wanted to do the town bicycle with her and her friends!
by brucey boi March 31, 2009
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When a male is sexually aroused his penis becomes very hard and bigger than before.
Guy: I was aroused when I saw her touching herself.
by JellyBean<3Him(: July 26, 2008
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After glancing at the risky photograph, Jennifer instantly became aroused.
by justgotpaid. March 27, 2010
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to rouse or stimulate to action or to physiological readiness for sexual activity. See also, aroused, and arousing.
I was aroused when that girl put her hand on my leg, she felt the enourmous buldge in my pants and i blushed
by BriaN! March 15, 2004
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