1. An Obese Rooster

2. A penis with a large girth.

1. (at the Barnyard) look at that fat cock, what's he been eating?!

2. That fat cock is not gonna fit in my a hole- there's no way! aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghh

it did fit, wow!
by designnathan January 5, 2007
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A large rooster, usually male.
I awoke today to a fat cock.
by lunchboxes September 8, 2006
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When an overweight male has an irregularly large penis that is highly sought after by women seeking extreme lovin.
1. "Dude all the ladys want Dillons Fat Cock"
2. "She totally wants your Fat Cock in her mouth."
by Themailman May 7, 2005
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Something that your dad does not want to be known as.
Son: Fat Cock!

Dad: Don't call me that!
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 17, 2009
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My current girlfriend said that she dated Shroud from the way back, she said that he has a fat cock. I broke up with her, because I can't fill that "hole", I cannot carryout the thought that my dick has to go through such underground chamber, the size is comparable to the Hang Son Doong, (the largest cave in the world) but bigger...
Word on the street that shroud has a fat cock. Rain drop. Drop top. Shrouds fat cock.
by Nigward483 April 16, 2019
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Big dick energy but better, bigger and more spirited. Not for your average big dick energy times.
Did you see Ivan, he had mad fat cock spirit last night.
by Jakewht December 31, 2019
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