1. An Obese Rooster

2. A penis with a large girth.

1. (at the Barnyard) look at that fat cock, what's he been eating?!

2. That fat cock is not gonna fit in my a hole- there's no way! aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghh

it did fit, wow!
by designnathan January 5, 2007
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A large rooster, usually male.
I awoke today to a fat cock.
by lunchboxes September 8, 2006
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Taehyung's Fat, large, massive, heavy and colossal cock.
- Taehyung always needs to hold Taeconda his BIG fat cock in check or it just springs out to say Hi to the world!

- Jungkook takes in his hole Taehyung's fat cock so well, it stretches out completely around that girthy long pole.

- RIP JUNGKUSSY, it always ends up gushing with Taehyung's heavy thick cum. He creampies his ass so well, it won't close anymore!!

- Jungkook is riding that fat cock everyday all day! His cunt hole is ready to take Monster Cocks all the time! Men Line Up for this twink!!

- "who is the bottom in taekook?"

"Surely not Taehyung? He is a DILF. Period. And it's just Massive, you know Taeconda"

"You're right, I bet Jungkook loves to be filled by that fat cock!"
by dictioNASTY September 29, 2022
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When an overweight male has an irregularly large penis that is highly sought after by women seeking extreme lovin.
1. "Dude all the ladys want Dillons Fat Cock"
2. "She totally wants your Fat Cock in her mouth."
by Themailman May 7, 2005
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Daddy: GOOODDAMN! Now that's a fat cock. Look at it, little Jimmy.
Jimmy: Woah! Now that is was I would define as a fat cock.
by YoMamaDefiner123 May 18, 2022
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Something that your dad does not want to be known as.
Son: Fat Cock!

Dad: Don't call me that!
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 17, 2009
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