Uterine was the goddess of vaginal cannals, wombs and fertility. Her mortal enemy is sodomitrias who is the goddess of anal penetration, prison sex and parties on Navy war boats.

These days uterine may be used in viber chats when describing the length and depth of a women's uterus.
We are having problems falling pregnant not because of my small dick but because my wife has a deep uterine.
by Volgzilla June 27, 2015
adj./ of minimal intelligence; lacking common sense or life experience; naive af, often followed by ‘motherfucker’
No, you can’t microwave tin foil, you uterine motherfucker.
by DeFINE that, bitch February 6, 2021
A light, fluffy, baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients, blended, and subsequently poured into a women's uterus.
Sara woke from her illegal drug induced coma and noticed Martha Stewart was under her pajamas eating a uterine souffle.
by mad max12345 October 22, 2010
The female period. On the rag. Aunt Flo. Monthly bill.
Rachel has the uterine flush so won’t be getting any tonight.

Her uterine flush was leaking through her maxi into her new white jeans.
by Eaton Holgoode January 9, 2019
Me: Hey baby, where do you want to go for dinner tonight?
Her: Fuck you, I know that you want to go to that restaurant with the hot waitress.

Me: There's that beautiful Uterine Logic that I love.
by ConfusedHusband February 29, 2020
I'm going to the box doc today for my annual uterine jewelry inspection.
by gefion October 16, 2010
Cramping so violent and painful that it feels like a migraine is going on in your uterus.
"OMG, I feel like I'm in labor. I have a total uterine migraine."
by pablo_neruda August 17, 2009