'Chumping' is gathering wood for Bonfire Night.
Come on, it's Bonnie Night next week. Let's go chumping.
by Gulftastic September 16, 2015
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Nice chumping bro, those kids didn't see you coming! I'm so embarrassed I ever planked!
by coolguy1984 July 03, 2011
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Going for a bum or bumming men
Fancy a chump?

Matt: What u up to tonight?

Tom: Nothing much, just a spot of chumping
by Battyymannlover1212 June 23, 2009
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When someone overreacts, they are chumping
Tammy- Can you please get the phone
Hogan- You get the damn phone you bitch!
Tammy- Stop chumping!
by HuhgyBob July 04, 2011
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Once in a while, for whatever reason, a rectreational drug dealer, even the most reliable and friendly ones, will make the deal fall through on purpose. This is to let the customer know who is the boss, and is usually passive-aggressive. It really can be disappointing and frustrating.
Boy, I really got chumped today by my rock and roll doctor. He said he had some lebanese blond in hand, and he said it fell through after I drove for two hours to get it. Oh well, at least I have this swagg.
by running out of patience February 28, 2009
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The most Meanest lovable person you ever meet!
chumpness: gaaaaaaaaaaag!
by MissShirley May 21, 2009
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Someone who does not understand the basics of life on earth. Confused easily.
'My friend Ali is such a chump. She talks a lot but nothing of any relevance comes out. In fact she is a world champion chump'.
by Benny Eyes from the Bronx June 11, 2003
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