One extremely talented in sucking a guy's dick. Not just your run of the mill talent but one who stands apart as a true artisan.
by thor36 August 5, 2013
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"That guy is wearing aqua socks and jeans..."
"Yeah.. what a winner..."
"No man.. he's the world champion."
by Greg O'neal September 14, 2005
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A person whom excels in making an embarrassment of oneself, usually in front of a large public audience.
Specifically associated with failing to complete simple, straight-forward tasks that for normal people require no forethought or concentration.
After someone performs a “world champion” feat, an audience member must pronounce the performer a “world champion” – it is also acceptable to be said in multiple languages “champione du monde” or “campione del mondo”.
It should be followed immediately by random rhythmic clapping.
“Hey Pierre, use the ladle to scoop out the soup from the pot, and pour it in my bowl” *Pierre drops the soup all over the table* “Champione du monde!!” *excessive clapping*

*Luis has left blinker on and makes a right-hand turn* “Campeón Del Mundo!!” *extreme excessive clapping*

“Gino, pass the ball back to the goal keeper, quick!” **Gino scores an own goal, from the half way line** “Gino il campione del mondo!!” *every player on the pitch claps*

“You’re a bloody world champion mate, you really are.”
by Neville "Bloody' Bartos June 1, 2005
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Abe. Undoubtedly the greatest nike street balla champion in the history of the sport. His determination and will is what makes him the best of the best.
Jamie: Abe You Are The Greatest Nike Street Balla World Champion.
Abe: Thanks man..
by abey101 September 16, 2006
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The Philadelphia Phillies. A term publically coined at the victory parade rally by player Chase Utley, who boldly uttered the phrase to many thousands in Citizens Bank Park and millions watching and listening at home. It has become the local title of endearment for this historic team. The term is often abbreviated as 'WFC' by internet fans of the franchise.
"World Champions. World FUCKING Champions!" - Chase Utley, Second Fucking Baseman of the Philadelphia Fucking Phillies.
by expert of experts January 17, 2009
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jontz is the 'Urban Scuttlebot World Champion' from the years 1900-2050+.

There is no doubt about it.
Someone: 'Who is the Urban Scuttlebot World Champion?'
Someone else: jontz is, duh.
by Ronald McDonald June 10, 2004
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